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Greetings from our Pastor, Rev. Dr. C.D. Stuart.  Here at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, we edify saints, evangelize the sinister and enhance our community.  You mean more to us than you’ll ever know.  Please give us the opportunity to share our love with you thru our website. We also invite you to come join our congregation, we’ll also post videos of our sermons for those who are not able to travel or just want to listen to it again.

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We’re very proud to announce our Academy success stories, news and updates to all of you to enjoy. We’re honored to have such amazing family here at AMBC.

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From our calendar events, to our Academy and featured stories from within the AMBC family. Come join us in celebrating life as we seek to create strong family bonds that are stronger and ever lasting. Praise the Lord – Amen!

7 Beautiful Concerts
7 Beautiful Concerts

We’ve been truly blessed to have Earma Taylor produce 7 concerts since 2012.

ACA Preschool
ACA Preschool

Come grow with our family and learn together from some of the best people we’ve ever met!

Event Calendar
Event Calendar

We’ve got lots going on in God’s name. Join us in celebrating life, local events and more.


We have many sermons for your review below are featured ones that we've enjoyed. You can find more on our Sermons page.