A Silent Hurt

“A Silent Hurt”

GENESIS 22:1,2,8

There is a silent hurt in our society. One group that’s being hurt is the children. I can talk about the many things, the adults and a litany of things but the children and they’re seeking to develop methods to push through their pains of life. And they’re babies, little children. I had a child to tell me, “I’ve been through too much.” What has this child that’s not 10 years old experienced when they proclaimed as babies,” I’ve been through too much.?”

In the 22nd chapter of Genesis, God tempted Abraham. That word tempt means to test Abraham. Tempt is also prevalent to do wrong coming from the devil but this is a test of Abraham. The test was to see if you love God. He said to Abraham, “take your son and offer him as a sacrifice to the land of Moriah.”

The very next morning, Abraham got up and took his son Isaac and two other lads and loaded up their mules to go to Moriah. After traveling, I’m sure that Abraham was pushing through his pain to manifest his love for God. But knowing that God said offer your child as a sacrifice, Abraham didn’t say, “I’m not going to do it.” But he manifested his love for God because the child was given to him by God. Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born and Sarah was 90. You know at 90 and 100, they were not supposed to have children.

God gave that child to them. And now he says, “go and offer him as a sacrifice.” God was testing the love that Abraham had for Him. In that test, to give up what god had given miraculously to him, they rode and traveled for some 3 days to get there. I just can’t imagine what was going through Abraham’s mind because I am going to offer my son as a sacrifice. My son! My son! When Abraham, the two other fellows and his son, Isaac got to the point that God wanted them to get to, God showed Abraham where to go.

Told him, took care of him and showed him where to go. I wonder does He provide? Once he got there, Abraham told the other fellows, “you all stay here. We’re going up to worship God but we’re coming back.” Abraham and Isaac, the one to be offered as a sacrifice, went up to Mount Moriah. Isaac became inquisitive about what was going on. He said” father” Abraham said,” here am I.” “We have the wood and we have the fire but where is the sacrifice?” That’s when Abraham said, “God will provide.” When it looks like you don’t have what you need, and fulfilling what God wants you to do, you need to say,” God will provide.” Someone is right there trying to push through the pain and they’re silently hurting,

The word was written and I have the responsibility of sharing with us that God will provide. So, it’s time now for the sacrifice and I watched Abraham, watched Isaac. Abraham, by this time was at least 121 years old and Isaac was 21 years old. Isaac could have run. Could have possibly out muscled his father but Isaac being a special child wouldn’t go against his father. It didn’t matter whether his father had fought him. Whether to live or be offered as a sacrifice. It didn’t matter. That’s my father. So, Isaac was placed upon the altar to be sacrificed. He didn’t try to get away from his father. Abraham pulled up the knife and was getting ready to sacrifice his son.

The bible says an angel from heaven said unto Abraham, “Abraham do thy son no harm!” I wonder does God provide? When you’re sacrificing, does he provide? He was ready to do what God said do. An angel from heaven, I’m repeating, because someone missed it. Heaven is watching over you. Heaven is taking care of you, heaven is providing for you, heaven is watching over you. He said, “do thy son no harm!” Abraham went over to let Isaac go, and looked over there and there was a ram in the bush, tied up in some bushes. A ram? Let my son go. There’s a ram!

I wonder who provided a ram in the brush? I wonder who brings the un-expectancies when you’re in that very sensitive part of your life? Who is it that brings the miraculous movement in your life when you may not be expecting that to happen. It doesn’t matter what the psychologists say. What does God say about it? I’m thankful for the Ph.D.’s and the DD’s. I’m thankful for the MD’s and all of the D’s that you can D up but what does God have to say about it? A couple of things I want to share with you.

You and I are made up of the spirit, body and soul. In the time of this hurting time of the babies, the children and even you and me. You already let them play shoot, hit, run. You already cook for them. You already do that because that’s the normality of life. Look what the Lord sat me down to tell us.

Spiritualize your family. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of this other stuff will fall into place but you’ve got to make sure that God is first in the family’s life. Don’t let anything, don’t let anyone, don’t let any place take you and pull you away from the presence and the power of God. In your personal life, seek ye first and I do know that that manifests even in the children because what they are exposed to at home and around home. They see mom and dad worshipping God. They hear them praying to God. They watch their walk, listen to their talk, they’re observing. “That’s the way I want to be, just like that.”

Make sure that you spiritualize your family!