I PETER 2:21

There’s so much devastation that we’re talking about. But we need some motivation so that there can be celebration. It’s found in the word of God. Because of what’s going on now in Miami and Florida. Here we have sunshine and they’re preparing for Hurricane Irma. There’s also tornadoes going to come in that area. You and I have other things that we are certainly concerned about. We could run a multiplicity of things that are going on now. In the tough times of life sometimes you feel like you’re in it by yourself. Sometimes they’re no one you can trust, that you can call on and that you can tell your problems that you’re going through.

You’re wondering why I have to go through this? If I tell my best friend, my best friend has a best friend and the best friend’s friend has a best friend. Before you know it’s all over television, radio, newspaper and on social media. Look at what Jesus did. He called the answer with his problem. He said, “my God, my God (everyone has a why). Why am I in it? Why is this going on in my life? He said, “why has thy forsaken me?’ When the troubles of the world are all on our back and in our head. Why? But he gave us the answer before he asked the question,” my God, my God, Why?” While he was in his devastating moment, his physical became thirsty. He said,” I thirst.” After He said, “I thirst,” He said, “it is finished.”

Enough is enough. He was revealing that I’ve done what I needed to do because there was a necessity for the perpetuation for all of this that mankind had done. Jesus said, “it is finished.” He never did say, “I am finished.” He said,” it is finished.” It, includes satisfying God, paying for our sins, giving us the opportunities to be saved and whatever we do and whatever we have done and whatever we will do, it’s already been paid for. He said, “it is finished.” Then he started back praying. “Father into thy hand, I commend my spirit.” He died. No one took his life. He gave up the ghost spirit. Jesus died but it didn’t end there.

They went and asked for the body of Jesus. They took him down, wrapped him and buried him into a tomb that he owned. I used to say,” it was a barrowed tomb”, but the earth is the Lord’s. He didn’t have to borrow what he owned. As he stayed in that room all night Friday, all day Saturday, all night Saturday night, something began to move. No one can take from the master when you are the master. Early Sunday morning Jesus got up with all power. It doesn’t matter your devastation, it doesn’t matter the magnification. What we need is the restoration. If we came in down and out, you need to know it’s joy in knowing Jesus.

You need to quiet your mind. Let the holy ghost have control of your mind.