The Holy Ghost

“The Holy Ghost”

ACTS: 1:8

God did not give us the spirit of the fear but of power, love and a sound mind. God did not give us that spirit of fear but He gives us the spirit of power and of love. I have to talk today about THE HOLY GHOST.

In this particular beginning of chapter 1 and version 1, the writer Luke writes a treatise, which means he had already written the gospel of Luke. But now He says unto Theophilus. Theophilus was a recognition of mankind that had a temporary point of sacred and political place during that time. That is a name for those Theophilus. Speaking about Theophilus, those in the temporary. He comes down and opens up after the death, the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He opens up that chapter by saying that he had been around for some 40 days after the death, burial and resurrection. He had been seen by (I’m talking about Jesus) 12 different groups that acknowledged that Jesus yet lives after the death, burial and resurrection. It points to Him and during that time He gave the disciples commandments. Which means that He was giving them teachings in which they were to fulfill because in this particular chapter, we find Him as he steps on board and goes back up to glory but He taught those who were following Him and were with Him.

It is very necessary to be taught what thus says the Lord. There is so much teaching out there but there is a necessity in these days that you and I live in, that we need to know something about the Lord. He taught them so they would go out. He said in our text.” Go ye into all the world.” That’s what He told them when He gave them the commission to go but He says in our text,” but ye shall receive power after that the HOLY GHOST is come upon you and you shall be witnesses unto me.” But in order to be one with witness, He opens up by saying, “but ye shall receive power.” He told them you need some power before you can give your testimony because one can be in the midst of other spirits. The bible says those that heard because it was in the morning, they wanted to criticize them who was speaking the word under the power of the HOLY GHOST.

They criticized and laughed at them. They said they’re drunk. They’re just some drunk folks.” How’re you going to be drunk at 9:00 in the morning? They said, “we’re not drunk. We’re proclaiming the good news, the good works of God.” I want to tell somebody that early in the morning they need to know the good works of God. In the middle of the day, they need to know the good works of God. If they’re up late at night they need to know the good news of God.

We do know that God is a mighty good God. When he blesses us like He does, we are not to keep it to ourselves. Because we want them to be blessed like we are blessed and we’re not going to be the one all stressed out and all upset but we are the children of God and you and I have a promise. We, have a place but we also have the person because one day in your life you accepted Jesus as savior and Lord. When we accepted Jesus as savior and Lord, the holy spirit came on the inside and set up a residence on the inside. It doesn’t matter what we experience, it doesn’t matter what they say on the outside, it doesn’t matter what they do, we have the greater one on the inside. Greater is He that is in us then he that is of this world. The master wants me to tell them about the HOLY GHOST.

Who is God? The HOLY GHOST resides within us. He doesn’t leave us and neither does He forsake us. Whether we do right. Whether we do wrong.

Thank God for the HOLY GHOST. Because every born-again believer at the moment we are saved, the HOLY GHOST sets up residents on the inside. I’m so grateful that God knows our imperfections and he knew our ending before our beginning. He’s so patient with us. He loves us just that much that he will await us until we get our life in order by being convicted, convinced and converted by the HOLY GHOST.

God is good. He just waits on us. Don’t keep putting it off and saying, “I’m going to wait,” because we don’t know when our last breath is going to be! We don’t know when our day comes to a close. As long as we have an opportunity! If it’s anybody here that don’t have Jesus as savior and Lord right now, salvation is right there at us. Isn’t God good? He’s wanting to come on in. It doesn’t matter what we have done or failed to do. The Holy Spirit wants to come on the inside and save us.

The HOLY GHOST assures us of our salvation. The HOLY GHOST assures us of the word of God. The HOLY GHOST assures us that Jesus, my rock in a weary land, is coming back again.

Not only does he assure us but He assigns us because every born-again believer has been given gifts. I’m not talking about under the Christmas tree but He’s placed on the inside that in which God wants one to do. To do His will and do His work. We all have gifts. According to I Corinthians chapter 12, according to Romans chapter 12 and according to Ephesians chapter 4, every born-again believer has gifts of the holy spirit. Not only does He assign but He anoints us. In other words, he gives us the ability to do what we’ve been assigned to do. He anoints us afresh so we can go ahead if we got to say it, we can say it. If we have to do it, we can do it. Whatever the Lord wants us to do, He gives us the anointing afresh. Not only that, but He assists us. He doesn’t leave us out there.

The HOLY GHOST helps us out. But then, the Holy Spirt not only assist us, not only is He with us, but He admonishes us. He doesn’t allow us to just do it any kind of way. We have to do it like the Lord wants us to do it. We have to say it the way the Lord wants us to say it. We have to go where he wants us to go. I’m glad I don’t have to try and figure it out because the HOLY GHOST, who’s on the inside, at the wee hours of the night, He speaks to you. He talks to you. He leads you. He guides you. He directs you. If you can do wrong and it doesn’t bother you, he’s not on the inside.

Thank God for the HOLY GHOST. Not only does he admonish us but he activates us. He puts a get up and go on the inside of us. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing it but you find yourself doing it anyway. Sometimes you don’t want to go but you go on anyway because of who you have on the inside.

Tell somebody about Jesus. That same Jesus who hung, bleed and died, He can save!