The Process Of Becoming

“The Process Of Becoming”

Gospel of Luke, 2:42,49

This particular writing was about Jesus when He was 12 years old. When He was 12 years old, his parents had taken Him to Jerusalem and while in Jerusalem, they fulfilled the requirements of the Passover celebration. After the days of celebrating the Passover celebration, Joseph and Mary and the others began to go home. They were all excited because they had fulfilled what had to be fulfilled in the temple of God. They dismissed and were headed home. On their way home to Nazareth after they had traveled a whole day, Mary and Joseph looked around and they didn’t have Jesus with them. They checked with their kinfolk, they checked with their acquaintances, but the kinfolk and the acquaintances didn’t have Jesus. What Mary and Joseph did was turn around and went back toward where they had Jesus. By determining to go back, because they had gone away from Jesus, they went back. After going back, they found Jesus. They had traveled without Jesus. It makes a difference when you spend a day or two, or three, a week, a month, a year, traveling without Jesus.

Things are not the same as when you have the Lord along with you. Things will fall apart when you don’t have Jesus with you. That which seems like it was all right and all together but when you go and do that without Jesus, have you noticed how it all falls apart? They went back where they had Him. They had Him in the temple. The modern day churches. They shared with him in the church. They were just around his presence in the church. They left the church and left Jesus in the church. You cannot come and worship Him in the church and walk right out of the building and leave Him and the church, in your spirit. You’ve got to take the Lord along with you after you leave out of the temple because without Him, there will be frustrations, there will be fights, there will be fumbling, there will be mumbling, there will be things falling apart! Jesus was 12 in the temple.

Thank you, moms and dads, for getting your babies in the temple. This is the place that they need to be. Because it’s in the temple where the presence of the Lord is and you expect the presence of the Lord in the temple! Mary and Joseph went back after traveling. They had gone a day without Him. When those they enjoyed being with, did not have Him, they had to leave those they enjoyed being with to go back to where Jesus was. Sometimes you have to cut some folks a loose if they want to pull you away from where Jesus is. Sometimes you have to say, “bye, bye.” It’s all right because if they want to leave you when you’re going to the Lord, they’re not with you anyway.

When they did find Jesus, after three days without Him, He was in the temple, the church. He was in there talking to the doctors, and the priests. He was astonishing to them! He was very profound because believe it or not, there was nothing made that was not made that was made by him. In the beginning, He was and, in the beginning, He was before the beginning had His beginning, He already was. He can speak and be astounding, astonishing, profound and prolific. He was talking to them at the age of 12 and it just overwhelmed them. Jesus was found in the temple. Don’t you leave out of here without him. Don’t go home without Him. Don’t go off and miss Him. Jesus said, when they found Him in the temple,” know ye not that I must be about my father’s business?”
Don’t block the babies in Jesus business! Too much is happening to the babies. Too much is going on with the babies! Keep them in the temple! Because they have some mighty business that they must be a part of!

Jesus business was to save! He hung, bleed and died! That was his business. You know what happened on Sunday morning. He got up to! He did have some real business that affects you and me! Keep the babies in the temple! Know ye not that they must be about our Father’s business? It would be so much better if you keep them in the temple.