“Victory Over My Spiritual Void”

PSALMS 137: 1-9

A few days ago, in the early morning, there was a song that was acknowledged on television as being the most popular song of the day. They talked about it in the early morning television but they never did play the song so that we here in Illinois’ could hear it. The song was named Silence. They said that was the most popular song of today. They didn’t say who the author was. They didn’t tell what type of song it was. They just gave the name of it, Silence. They didn’t say what time it was in 4/4,3/4, 6/8. They didn’t say what key the song was in. A, B, C, D, E, F or G. They didn’t say if there were the markings of playing in soft or playing it loud or a mixture. They didn’t say if it was pianissimo, soft. They didn’t say if it was forte, playing it loud. They didn’t say if it was fortissimo, very loud. They didn’t say all of that. They just gave us the title of the song. They didn’t give us a descriptive of that song. Was it gospel, blues, reggae, Rock and Roll or Jazz. They just gave us the name of the song, Silence.

The ability that I have to play the instrument, I’m just going to hang it up because I don’t want to be here like this. Someone has hung up their voice instrument. Because you’re in an area of life you can sing but you hung it up. You can play it but you hung it up. You can do this and that but for some reason you hung it up. You even have a voice that sounds melodious when you sing but you hung it up. The Lord wants me to talk about, VICTORY OVER MY SPIRITUAL VOID. There is a silence on the inside of me. there is an emptiness on the inside. I can do it but it’s laborious for me to do it. I have to put forth some extra effort to do it. If I allow someone to hinder my spiritual effort, that means that one is controlling me. The holy spirit’s not controlling me, you are controlling me because you said something, I didn’t do something and it affected me. I didn’t know I’m giving you more authority than I’m giving to God, over my life.

To talk about victory. They said to Jerusalem, “sing us the song of Zion”. Jerusalem responded. “How can we sing a song of Zion in this foreign land?” I have been so terribly treated. I have been laughed at, talked about, criticized. All of that has gone on. If I don’t get to sing, if I don’t get to say anything. Help me with that void that I have, that empty feeling. I don’t feel any holy ghost on the inside. When I look at this sky, the heavens declare the Glory of God. If I hang my instrument up and If I don’t play it, all you have to do is look up because the heavens declare the Glory of God. It doesn’t matter if I don’t sing, if I don’t play or if I don’t speak. That has nothing to do with the Glory of God. All I have to do is just look up. Look and see the sun, the stars, the Moon and the solar system.

While looking up, I feel the heat from the sun. Every now and then a little breeze comes through, where I’ve been sweating to cool me off. When I just look up, that should help someone right there, to know that God says, “I’m not going to leave you nor will I forsake you.” No matter what street you live on, He says,” I have not forsaken you. I haven’t left you. I didn’t cuss you out. I didn’t throw you away. I’m still right there with you.” Just look up and be reminded of the Glory of God. Not only can you just look up but looking up at the sky, reminds me that I have a savior who hung, bleed and died. But early Sunday morning, He got up! I’m mindful not only can I look at the sky but I have a savior who saved my soul and made me whole.

I’m not perfect yet but I sin less. Things I used to do, I don’t do any more. Places I used to go, I don’t go anymore. The way I was in the past, some changes are going on because of the transformation of the holy spirit who’s on the inside, never leaves us and neither does He forsake us. He convicts us, He convinces us, He converts us, He makes us better. I can’t remain the way I was before I was saved. I can’t sleep at night and can’t rest at night. He’ll touch you in the quietness, in the silence of the night and convicts one. You should not have or you should have. Not only do we have the sky. Not only do we have the Savior, we have the scripture. Within the word of God. What is it that you need? Anything in any area of your life is right here. You have the scriptures and they were before we were. Not only do we have the sky, the Savior and the scriptures but when He made us, He gave us a soul.