Rev., Dr. C.D. Stuart

Lead Pastor

Rev., Dr. C.D. Stuart

Experience in life of doom, doubt, delivery, and delight are released in all of his sermons as he ministers to the congregation of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, in Decatur, Illinois. This is a Pastor, Preacher, Evangelist, Lecturer of Leadership, Teacher, Counselor, Former Moderator of Wood River Baptist District Association, Former President of Moderators of Baptist General State Convention of Illinois, President of the National Mid-West Region of Moderators, 4th Vice President of Moderators of National Baptist Convention USA, Inc, Mentor, and Superintendent of the Antioch Christian Academy. He stands weekly in the Holy place proclaiming the divine messages givien to him under the power and sovereignty of the Holy Spirit.

He is a product of Prescott, Arkansas. He was developed in high school, college and received the highest degree that can be gotten by man, the Doctorate. He has been the Pastor of five different churches which includes the present church, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

This is a Pastor that is developed, not discovered. He is one that is emerging but staying in touch with Christ as he seeks to try to ger whosover will to accept Salvation for eternal life.

God’s gift to this Pastor is his potential. His gift back to God is what he does with that potential. He is one that senses a higher calling to be sensitive to accept God’s desires for a maximum potential; and sowing seeds that bemefit others. His seeds include meaningful instruction, sizeable construction, great elimination of destruction, visionary inspiration, intestinal fortitude, determination, uniting reconciliation and secret consecration.

His wife, Gladys, his help meet for forty-four years, never fails to meet him with some help. They bore three children, Rev. Cledis Stuart, Jr., Kelli Stuart Brown and Rev. Carlos D. Stuart, Sr. He considers his grandchildren to be a gift from God!

This is a Pastor who has decided to “be” what he preaches and teaches. He states, “Deciding what to be is more important than deciding what to do.” He will be what God wants him to be…will go where God wants him to go…so God causes his words and deeds to match as a “whole.” All of his sermons preached reveal the profound awareness of the awesome God we serve. They glorify God and magnify God’s goodness.

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
– 1 Peter 4:8

Reach me directly at: 217-875-2155