Thank You Earma Taylor

7 Beautiful Concerts Produced by: Earma Taylor

Earma Taylor
Earma Taylor

For the past 7 years, on the first Sunday in October, beginning October 7, 2012, I’ve sponsored an INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT, at my church, Antioch missionary Baptist Church.

God gave me the vision and I obeyed. The concert was held with the intent of exposing and inspiring our youth to show their talent that they have or want to have. Anyone who wanted to participate in this concert were welcome to do say no matter their age or experience. Each year this concert was also given as a fundraiser for our school, ANTIOCH CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.

In these concerts, the ages ranged from 4 to 50+. Some of the instruments included: harp, violin, guitar, banjo, bass, flute, saxophone, clarinet, piano, keyboard, organ and drums.

My special guests for these concerts included:

Christina Marshall and Jeff Majors, bringing the divine and glorious sounds of the harp, Eric Taylor with the sweet memorable sounds of the violin, Merlon Devine brought the powerful smooth sound of the saxophone and lastly, Lil Asmar and Gregg Haynes bringing the deep, distinct sound of the bass guitar. One of the most memorable themes for our concerts was “WHERE WORDS LEAVE OFF, MUSIC BEGINS”.

I will forever cherish the memories of these concerts and hope the youth have really been inspired by seeing the more experienced instrumentalist perform. It is my prayer that they will continue to glorify God with their instruments.

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church